The Arts are about forms of expression that recognise, value and contribution to the unique bicultural and multicultural character of Aotearoa. The Visual Arts, Music Arts and Drama Arts have their own distinct languages that are both verbal and nonverbal conventions and are explored through a variety of techniques, processes and creative outcomes. These enrich the lives of Akonga through sound, image making and performance/movement. The Arts Curriculum covers four strands and are interpreted and explored in the curriculum areas of the Visual Arts, Music Arts, Sound Arts and Drama Arts.

These four strands are:

*Understanding the Arts in Context.

*Developing Practical Knowledge.

*Developing Ideas.

* Communicating and Interpreting.

Each of these strands has specific specialist languages, literacy ,practical skills and equipment /tools appropriated to each of the Subject areas. These are the different subject areas offered in 2017. Performance Music. Drama. Visual Arts. Painting. Design. Photography.