BYOD Information for 2022


Being a smaller, semi-rural school we need to bring the world to the College and provide connectivity with worldwide culture, social, and political information. Devices have shown to improve student engagement when coupled with effective teacher pedagogy. Students need to leave school digitally fluent if they are to operate effectively in the workplace in 21st Century and the vast majority of students already bring a device (e.g. Chromebook or laptop) to school for use in class.

BYOD will be compulsory for all students from 2021 onwards.

Broad Guidelines 

Years 9 and 10:  A Chromebook device is perfectly adequate, moderately priced, easy to use and has very few software costs. It has no on-board software and will have limited use if wifi is not available. Everything is stored in the cloud.

Years 11, 12 and 13:  Any device that meets the specifications below is useful. Senior students continuing to university or further study should consider moving up to a laptop.

User Agreements

Each student who wishes to have a device at school will sign a Digital Citizenship Agreement. Enforcement of the rules of Digital Citizenship will be strict.

Device Specifications

  • Screen Size:  At least 17cms / 7 inches, 25cms is preferred and recommended
  • Keyboard:  An onscreen keyboard or a separate keyboard. An onscreen keyboard should not   take up more than half the screen
  • Ports:  At least one USB
  • Operating System:  Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Apple mac OS X 10.6 or better, Android 2.1 or better
  • Anti-Viral Software:  Must Have
  • WiFi:  Must Have: No direct connection to the school system is permitted
  • Battery Life:  6 hours or more
  • Google:  The device must be able to access Google Drive and Google apps for education
  • Protection:  Each device should have a protective cover or case


The school will NOT accept any liability for the security of devices at school. Devices are at school entirely at the student’s risk.  There are device lockers available for students to rent at $10 per term. Payment and keys are available from the Student Centre.

Seizure of Devices

Under the Education Act, the College has the power to seize and search any device if the school suspects there is material that is inappropriate, dangerous or harmful to any student or the learning environment.

Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones at school. Students may have their cellphones in their bags but may NOT have them out or use them between 8.30am and 3.00pm.  This covers all classes and breaks.

Students who are caught with their cellphone out, will have it impounded until the end of the day.

Parents and whanau can support this by not calling or messaging the students during the school day. If you need an URGENT message given to a student, you can contact the School Student Centre on 09 420 8640 ext 810.

Kaipara College does not endorse any supplier and these links are provided for information purposes only.

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