Curriculum Overview

Deadline for course selection - 17 September 2021

Selection of senior courses during Term 3 involves many conversations between students and their whanau, teachers and sometimes Heads of Faculty. The requirements for each year level are listed below.

Year 11/Level 1 - 2022

Students will choose FIVE courses and 2 backup subjects. Year 11 students choose from Level 1 courses.

In Year 11, students work towards gaining the New Zealand Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1. Students must gain 80 credits across five subjects to gain this qualification. 

Students also work towards gaining Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy. 

All Level 1 students are required to take English, Maths and Science. 

There is only 1 type of Level 1 English that all Year 11 students must select, but they have the option of several different types of Science or Maths. If they are unsure which is  best for them, they need to speak to their subject teacher or Kaiarahi.

Year 12/Level 2 - 2022 

Students will choose FIVE courses and 2 backup courses. Year 12 students choose Level 2 courses.

In Year 12, students work towards gaining NCEA Level 2 and University Entrance LiteracyThis means achieving standards which offer Reading and Writing University Literacy Credits. Five of each are required to gain UE Literacy. The standard information on each course outlines shows whether the standard offers Literacy Credits, and if so, whether they are Reading or Writing Credits.

English is compulsory for all Year 12 students.

Year 13/Level 3 - 2022 

Students will choose FIVE courses and 2 backup courses. Year 13 students choose Level 3 courses.

In Year 13, students work towards gaining NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance. It is important that Year 13 students who wish to gain University Entrance ensure that they can gain 14 credits in at least three approved subjects, however, it is highly recommended that students aim for four or five approved subjects. 

There is the expectation that students should have achieved at least 12 credits in a subject including an external assessment (in some subjects) if they are to continue the subject at NCEA Level 3. Some subjects have strict prerequisites that students must meet in order to gain entry to the course.

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