L3 Sustainable Horticulture

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs B. Neville

Prior Learning & Prerequisites

The Level 2 Action Internal is useful prior knowledge for a sustainability based course. 

Some prior horticultural knowledge (L1 or L2 Horticulture standards) is recommended for the Horticultural course.

L3 Horticulture & Sustainability 

This course can be focused around Sustainability or Horticulture (or a mixture of both) depending on student interest.  

Sustainability offers three internal assessments with a total of 15 credits meaning that UE can be achieved in the sustainability learning area.  The standards include: creating a strategy for sustainability, taking a personal action based on the strategy, and the evaluation of a marine reserve (a field trip is required for this standard, either to Goat Island or Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve).  The first two standards can be in a context of the students choosing.

Horticulture offers two internal assessments, a research project, again in a context chosen by the student, and an extended investigation.

Learning Areas:

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Assessment Policy & Procedures
Career Pathways

Nursery Grower/Worker, Packhouse Worker, Quarantine Officer, Crop Worker, Crop Farmer/Manager, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, Beekeeper, Arborist, Forest Manager, Forestry and Logging Worker, Forestry Scientist, Landscaper, Farmer/Farm Manager, Groundsperson, Biosecurity Officer, Orchard Farmer/Manager