L2 Earth and Space Science - Semester A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Limmer

L2 Earth and Space Science - Semester A

Students will study the necessary technological modifications required to enable life in space. This will cover the features of an extreme environment, and the ability of extreme environments to sustain life.

Curriculum Skills:

  • Understanding the scientists have an obligation to connect ideas to current and historical research.
  • Conduct investigations to extend scientific knowledge.
  • Consider the wider implications of scientific findings and how they could be used in the future to further understanding of the world around us.
  • Develop a coherent understanding of socio-scientific issues such as space travel and the potential of creating a society in space in the future.

In order to gain a Course Endorsement, students will have to go onto study Semester B of Level 2 Earth and Space.


L2 Earth and Space Science - Semester B, L3 Earth and Space Science - Semester A, L3 Earth and Space Science - Semester B

Prior Learning & Prerequisites

Students will have gained Level 1 Literacy

Credit Information

This course is eligible for subject endorsement, however, you will need to select both Semester A and B.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91188 v2 Earth and Space Science 2.2 - Examine an Earth and Space Science issue and the validity of the information communicated to the public
A.S. 91190 v2 Earth and Space Science 2.4 - Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 8 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 8 credits.


Selection of a course does not guarantee entry into the course. Courses may not run due to low numbers and timetable clashes may occur. In both of these situations, the student will be consulted about alternative courses during the Course Confirmation process.