L1 Numeracy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. O'Carroll

Prior Learning & Prerequisites

Students working at Level 3 of the Maths Curriculum in Year 10 should consider this course.

Ideally, to be able to be complete a Level 2 course in 2023 students will need a good foundation in the Level 1 Achievement Standards.

Level 1 Maths Numeracy 

This course looks at everyday Maths. How will you balance your accounts? How do you know how much fencing is required on the job site? Plus more. This course is unit standards based and work is completed via a portfolio over the course of the semester.  

This course is for students who might need extra support with their Maths as indicated by their Year 10 Maths teacher and is a bridge-way to Level 1 courses with Achievement standards. 

Learning Areas:

2022 Level 1 Courses

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1E8 workbook and a NZQA approved calculator.


Selection of a course does not guarantee entry into the course. Courses may not run due to low numbers and timetable clashes may occur. In both of these situations, the student will be consulted about alternative courses during the Course Confirmation process.