L3 Performing Arts Technology - Semester B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr G. McLarin

Level 3 Performing Arts Technology - The Producer

Participation in Performing Art Technology enable students to gain intricate knowledge of the behind the scenes processes within the Performing Arts. These skills lead to real life careers in Stage Management, Music Production, Lighting and Sound. Students will also gain skills in collaboration, as well as have the opportunity to work with real industry professionals, in a context that is reflective of a true industry environment. 

Semester B in Performing Arts Technology is focussed on the Audio Engineering and Live Production elements of the Performing Arts. In particular, you will learn industry techniques and knowledge about Live sound and Studio sound equipment, what the uses and purposes of this equipment are, and how to safely operate this equipment in a Performing Arts context. You will have the opportunity to further develop your skills using the school recording studio to create your own music using industry standard software, and mix live music through a P.A. system. We will use this knowledge to create a Kaipara College Mixtape by the end of the year, with recordings that you have mixed and mastered in the school environment.

Term 3, we will start off the course diving deeper into the skills, technique and knowledge of sound technology and how this works across the multiple different functions in the world of sound. During this term, we will run recording days, where we record the various school groups so that we can start working on our mixtape. These recordings will be completed by the end of term, and the mixing will follow on from there.

Term four is the tidy up term, that will be used to finish the mixing and mastering of our mixtape. This will be launched at our annual M.A.D. Awards evening, which will showcase the skills you have learned over the last three years in PAT.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

It would be worth investing in a laptop that is capable of running a Digital Audio Workstation (e.g. Logic, Garageband, Ableton, FL Studio etc.) however this is not required.

Prior Learning & Prerequisites

Successful completion of either L2 Music or Performing Art Technology

Credit Information

Total Credits Available: 14 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 14 credits.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits
UE Literacy Credits
Numeracy Credits
U.S. 23730 v4
Operate music sequencing, editing, and music notation application(s)
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 8
Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Numeracy Credits: 0
U.S. 28007 v3
Select and apply a range of processes to enhance sound in a performance context
Level: 3
Internal or External: Internal
Credits: 6
Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Numeracy Credits: 0
Credit Summary
Total Credits: 14
Total Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
Total University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
TotalNumeracy Credits: 0


Selection of a course does not guarantee entry into the course. Courses may not run due to low numbers and timetable clashes may occur. In both of these situations, the student will be consulted about alternative courses during the Course Confirmation process.

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